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  • Upgrade guide Android SDK 3.x to 4.x
  • Upgrade guide Android SDK 3.x to 4.x





    Manual Data crosscheck & Manual Security features check


    We tried to keep API changes as small as possible. Please follow this quick guide to migrate from version 3 to version 4.



    Liveness * Please replace all occurrences of videoFile with recording. The file can now also be an image instead of a video.

    Dropping support for Android 4.4

    Starting with Verifai version 4.0.0 the minimum supported Android SDK is version 21. This version is also known as "Android 5.0", "Android L" or "Android Lollipop". It is still possible to build your app with a lower SDK version, however it will be unable to start the Verifai SDK.

    Underperforming hardware

    The devices that are still running Android 4.4 are mostly released in 2013 and earlier. We found that the hardware of these devices is mostly not sufficient enough to perform high quality identity verification. This due to outdated camera's (that result in unclear pictures) and not enough RAM for live verification.

    Using the CameraX API

    Most Verifai related Android crashes were related to Androids camera in- and output. The Verifai core package contained a lot of device specific fixes, resulting in a lot of different scenario's to test and maintain. This year Google released the first version of its CameraX API that is stable enough to use in production. This API removes the need for device specific code but is only available for Android 5.0 and newer. We expect to lower the amount of crashes severely and that clearer pictures are provided. More information about CameraX can be found over here:

    Low market share

    Less than 4% of the world wide Android users are still using Android 4.4. Most devices got an update to version 5.0 or are simply not in use anymore. However a lot of development time had to be allocated to still maintain compatibility. This way the development time can be allocated to bringing new features and a better user experience.

    Security concerns

    Most Android 4 devices are not compatible with TLS 1.2 or newer. Because of this a private network connection between the Verifai SDK and the Verifai API's cannot always be provided. At Verifai we always want to guarantee all users safety and privacy.