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    The Verifai Web SDK is a Javascript based front-end application that can be seamlessly integrated into the web pages of our customers. In the first version, it facilitates the flows needed to provide identity verification in customer onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.

    The flow is designed in such a way that the user always ends up with a VerifaiResult object which contains as much information as possible given the circumstances. To serve as many use cases as possible, the flows can be configured to serve for reading the MRZ and/or store a blocked copy of the ID document. It has great compatibility and will not interfere much with the code of the customer.

    You are encouraged to keep reading about the Web SDK or you can continue to the Setup

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    The Verifai Web SDK consists of two main components:

    Below the general flow of data between your application and the Web SDK components is shown.

    Global overview

    Frontend flows

    The Verifai Web SDK frontend supports two main flows:

    1. Handover Flow
    2. Mobile Flow

    Handover flow

    The handover flow is where a user starts the flow in a device without sufficient capability to take a picture of their identity document, for example on a PC or Mac. In this case, we facilitate a handover to a mobile device through an SMS text message or a QR code. Here a link to a special handover page is given to the mobile device in a secure way. This process is shown in the figure below:

    Handover Flow

    Mobile flow

    The mobile flow is where a user starts the flow from their mobile device. In this case, a handover is not needed and the flow will seamlessly progress without it, a simplified version of mobile flow is shown below:

    Mobile Flow

    Setup the Web SDK

    On the following page, we will show you the steps needed to implement our Web SDK on your web application.

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    Electron Windows Setup

    On the following page, we will show you the steps needed to implement our Web SDK in Electron for Windows with scanner support.

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