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General introduction

The Verifai Identity Verification Links (IVL) allow you to let your customers identify themselves using a link. This offers additional flexibility on top of our Web SDK, for example when the implementation of our Web SDK is not possible or desirable.

Instead, Identity Verification Links can be easily generated, which can then be distributed over common channels to your customers, who will then complete the identity verification flow in a secure environment hosted by Verifai.

Examples of usages can be, but are not limited to, use cases with only a limited amount of identity verifications, use cases that do not contain a framework in which one of our SDKs can be implemented or use cases in which you want to control every identity verification that is performed. This is why we might also refer to this solution as the 'no-code solution'.

Because the Identity Verification Links are based on our Web SDK, all features included in our Web SDK can also be utilised in the Identity Verification Links solution. This means we also offer the same amount of customizability our Web SDK offers. In addition, the same performance and accuracy can be expected. It is possible to configure the verification process completely according to your preferences. You can decide which parts you need: document verification, biometric verification and more. More details on configuration will follow later.

The process

Although the complete process involves more steps and can be customized to your liking, below screenshots are meant to give some insight on the Identity Verification Links process flow.

1. Start screen with greetings


2. Choose method to upload document

Choose upload method

3. Image capture instructions


4. Final screen; when verification process is completed