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Version: Web SDK Latest (2.16.x)

General introduction

The Verifai Web SDK is a JavaScript-based front-end application that can be seamlessly integrated into your web application. Our web solution facilitates identity document verification, biometric verification and background checks.

The verification process is designed in such a way that you always end up with a Verifai result object that contains as much information as possible given the circumstances. It means that the end user can always go through the process.

Moreover, it is possible to configure the verification process completely according to your preferences. You decide which parts you need and so you can, for example, also choose to use only identity document verification. Our solution seamlessly connects to any use case.

Our web solution consists of two components: a front-end (visible to the user) and a back-end (SaaS solution via Verifai). Both components are required for the Web SDK to run correctly.